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Camping Hammocks

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beach side hammocks
beach side hammocks

A hammock can be defined as a fabric sling netted to be used for resting or sleeping. It has a network of thin ropes or twine which can be stretched between two firm points. You can either attach it to trees, metal or wooden structures.

Hammocks can be used for relaxation in cottages, backyards or waterfront areas. Camping hammocks act as a type of bed on camping trips. Camping hammocks are specifically designed for camping purposes especially backpacking. They have mosquito netting and pockets for night time storage.

There are different styles of camping hammocks. There are various patterns, colors, and weights of camping hammocks. You need to consider the weight of a camping hammock to know how many people it can accommodate.

A camping hammock that can accommodate only one person weighs between 250 to 350 pounds. A two or three person hammock can weigh somewhere between 400 and 600 pounds. It is up to you the camper to decide how many camping hammocks you want to carry.

In most cases, couples going for company carry one camping hammock so that the children can be accommodated in one camping hammock. There are many pieces of equipment you need to carry with you when camping. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry a large camping hammock rather than carrying one two may if you have young children.

A camping hammock is also lighter compared to a tent meaning it is very easy to carry around.

Hammocks are also very comfortable meaning that you will enjoy the camping experience and you will want more and more of camping.

There are also very many options on where you can attach your camping hammock. Unlike a tent which has to be set up where there are no stones, hammocks can be attached in any place you feel comfortable.

Because they are tied above the ground, you will not have to avoid areas infested with harmful pests or insects since the hammocks provide security. Hammocks are also very easy to assemble and transport compared to tents. The hammocks are also easily washable.

Types of camping hammocks

Bridge hammocks
This type of hammock is usually composed of flat ends and reinforced with spreader bars. These bars give your hammock a unique shape in the hang. Instead of the banana shape usually associated with many types of hammocks, the bridge hammocks have the shape of an open tube.

This design allows the bridge hammock to have a streamlined shape up requiring few adjustments. However, the main disadvantage is that the bridge hammock gives you a squeezing sensation when you lie on it.

The good news is that there is a modern bridge hammock designed to offset the sensation. One of the best bridge hammocks that should be on top of your list when you go camping is the parachute hammock.

Gathered end asymmetric hammock
The ends of this type of hammock are gathered into a single bunch on each side of the hammock. It has an asymmetric design which allows you to lie on a diagonal orientation which helps you sleep in a flattering position.

Many campers prefer gathered end asymmetric hammock since it is lighter compared to other types of hammocks.

When you go camping, ensure you set up the hammocks in a secure manner so that you don’t fall and injure yourself.

One downside with sleeping in a hammock is the fact that it is colder than you would be if you were sleeping on the ground. This is because you are surrounded by cold air and you will not have your body heat to warm the ground beneath you. To prevent this, use a little more insulation to make you feel warm.

Hammocks are usually equipped with accessories like pre-tied knots and hooks. You have to secure the hooks with a strong tree branch. A camping door is a must if you want to spend a day or night outdoors. The hammocks don’t take up much space in your camping gear.

Hammock Knots
Hammock Knots

With environmental awareness rising, people now want to enjoy nature without causing any harm. A camping hammock will allow you to leave the ground undisturbed. When it is hung on trees with ratchet straps, it will not have a negative impact on trees because you will not have to use any screws.

After a long day of hiking, it is very important to elevate your feet in order to reduce the swelling of ankles. A hammock allows you to raise your feet properly meaning you will not have to worry about ankle swelling anymore.

Just tie the hammock every time you want to go camping during summer or when you want to gaze at the moon and the stars up in the sky. Hammocks are meant to make you enjoy nature to the fullest and see all it has to offer.